Yesenia Almonte CDA.

Lead Instructor, Student Coordinator.

Andres Parra, MBA.

Director of Admissions, Academic Advisement.


6991 W. Broward Blvd Suite 101 Plantation Fl 33317



Dolphin Dental Career Institute (DDCI) prepares students for positions in a Dental Front Office.  The dental front office management curriculum is designed to teach the students the skills and knowledge necessary to assist the dental front office team in the duties that are required to run a successful dental office. Students that graduate from the Dental Front Office Management program will be able to effectively perform tasks such as handling phone calls, scheduling appointments, re-call system, insurance verification, dental claim submission, treatment planning, billing and the use of a practice management software.



The Dental Front Office Management curriculum involves a 10 week “hands on” training consisting of 60 clockhours of lectures and labs and a 50 clockhour externship with a practicing dental office, where students have an opportunity of practicing in various duties perform at a Dental Front Office.   As part of the requirements, students must successfully complete a 50 clockhour externship in a local dental office. Upon completion of the 10 week program, the 50 clockhour externship and all financial obligations to the school discharged/satisfied, only then can the grades, transcripts and Certificate of Completion be awarded.


DURATION: 10 Weeks


COST:  2,975